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  • BERRIAK wood panel turner. Motorized roller conveyor with speed variator. Arm turner. Motorized roller conveyor with speed variator, with the possibility of regulating the output direction of the panels. Independent control panel

  • SPANEVELLO girapiezas, complete with cone and speed variators. Condition: Overhauled.

  • TRANSFER TOMMASINI AT 90°, FOR THE TRANSVERSAL TRANSFER IN LINE OF PANELS. Motorized roller transfer of 3250x1400 mm. Pneumatic barrier, movable as a stop, with up/down controlled by a photocell for material reading. High precision pneumatic transverse piston for the 90º ejection of the panels, controlled by a material reading photocell. Hinged cross arm...

  • STETON STRIPPER for boards of 3000x1300 mm. Condition: Good.

  • USED AND OVERHAULED SUCTION CUP LOADER, SAG BRAND, MODEL TRM/ R 19/ 50/ 2 V. Transfer with motorized rollers, two speed variators and lateral guide.Arm with movement, 28 suction cups, each one with independent opening/closing key.Useful width of the transfer 850 mm.Useful length 3.500 mmMax. package height 1.700 mm.Vacuum pump.Squaring of the pieces by...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items